Frequently asked questions

How will my Property be Managed?

Our property management department is portfolio based meaning you have one point of contact for all your property management requirements. Your property manager is accountable for all facets of the management of your property and will provide you with the necessary advice to ensure your property is managed effectively.  Our portfolios are kept to a manageable size so each manager can spend the appropriate amount of time with their clients. We carry out weekly in house training and staff also attend regular external training courses. We have 2 senior property managers in the department  who assist the portfolio managers where required. We believe that our structure allows us to look after each clients needs to a very high standard. 

Finding a tenant

We are required by law to have in place a written authority prior to undertaking the management of your property. Once an authority is signed, we commence marketing your property immediately. We have a list of prospective tenants on our database who are contacted and advised of your properties availability. It is also placed on our web site (as well as many others), counter list at our office and a For Lease Sign is erected where applicable. It is important that your property is presented in the best possible condition and at the market rent. This should ensure that the property is leased within a short period of time. Prevailing market conditions will also have an impact on the vacancy period. Simply it is our aim to lease your property at the highest possible rent to the most suitable tenant in the shortest possible time. 


The security of your property is a priority therefore all inspections with prospective tenants will be conducted with one of our property managers. Unlike many other agencies, at no time do we hand out the keys. 

Reference Checks/Tenancy Selection

To apply for a property, a prospective tenant is required to complete a detailed application form and supply references where appropriate. Our office is a strong supporter of TICA which is a database covering Australia and New Zealand and contains details of tenants who have defaulted on their tenancy agreements. The tenants must also pass our 5 point Tenant Selection Criteria prior to being presented to the landlord for consideration. The landlord makes the final decision on all applications and we are pleased to offer our thoughts. 

Rent Control

Our property managers check their arrears daily and once a tenant is two days in arrears, they are contacted by all available means. If payment is still not received after 3-4 days, the tenant is contacted again and advised that should they not meet their rental commitment, a Notice to Remedy will be issued. Due to our selection criteria and following these procedures as a rule, we do not experience many problems with non-payment of rent. 

Rental Bond

Monies can only be deducted from the bond if the tenant agrees. If there is a dispute between a landlord and tenant, an appropriate application needs to be made to QCAT. A member of QCAT will hear the case and make a binding decision based on the evidence presented. We encourage landlords and tenants to resolve any disputes, only applying to QCAT is a last resort. 

Fee for Service

We feel it is wise for a landlord to consider all aspects of property management in coming to a decision to appoint an agent. Fees are only one component although important, a decision should never be made based on this solely. An expert property manager may cost more initially but overall, they will save you money through thorough management and sound advice. We invite you to contact our office to appraise your property and discuss a management package that suits your requirements.