Foreign Investment - Hope Island Australia Buying Information for Overseas Buyers

In Australia there are specific rules for overseas buyers wanting to purchase property. Not all properties can be purchased by foreign investors or foreign nationals wishing to live in property they have purchased in Australia.

Hope Island Resort is one of the few places on Australia's Gold Coast where purchasing homes for foreign nationals is possible, because of a special designation by the Australian Government.

Hope Island Resort (HIR) was designated by the Australian Government as an Integrated Tourism Resort (ITR) prior to September 1999. For this reason, acquisition of residential real estate within Hope Island Resort is exempt from the normal foreign investment restrictions applying to foreign acquisitions of residential property. 

What this means is that whether you are from South Africa, Korea, UK, Japan, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, France, South America or anywhere else worldwide, you can directly purchase property in Hope Island Resort, without being forced to go through the lengthy approval process with the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB approval).

Please note: Not all properties in Hope Island and surrounding suburbs are part of ITR and therefore do not have FIRB approved status. Let your real estate agent know your requirements to ensure they show you only suitable properties.

When searching online you need to search for Hope Island Resort properties and ensure the details section contains the terms Integrated Tourism Resort, ITR or FIRB Approved.

At Hope Island Resort Realty, we specialise in HIR properties and have extensive experience in helping overseas buyers who are looking to relocate and purchase property on the Gold Coast. Our realtors are familiar with the needs of overseas buyers and are available to answer any of your questions. We can be contacted on +61 7 5514 2300 or by email.